Thursday, November 3, 2016

My Life


My life didn't go the way I wanted it to. Sure I got an Associates degree in Journalism and self taught manga drawing experience. But I wasn't always manga everything. I was and still am into the DC and Marvel comics. That's what I grew up on. It wasn't until High School, my views of manga has changed. Not saying that I have a bad report of manga but I wasn't heavily into it. I decided to write this blog for my own personal reasons and growth as a manga artist.

But why manga you ask?


The cute drawings and the slice of life story lines and huge daily dose of fantasy really tickled my fancy. I love manga and anime so much that I decided to publish a few mangas of my own. One Problem...

"I'm flat broke and I cant afford all of the necessary materials for my manga aspirations. However, my younger brother has always told me to "Never Give Up." Kinda referencing Ellis from Battle Arena Tokushiden. (I think I said that right) Anyone played that game. Classic Sega Game. One of my favorites besides Virtual Fighter."

Now I have other aspirations as well. I want to be able to get a Doctorates degree in Physics. I love space and I would love to get into that. So I decided to do both. I will use my Physics degree to support my Manga hobby. This is great. I can't wait. This year is reflection about what I want and put my plans together.

Next year is about putting it into action.

Til next time.
Ja mata ne!!